Jessamine County Coroner

The Year in Review

As we begin 2012 at the Jessamine County Coroner’s Office, I wish to thank the Fiscal Court, Central Dispatch, St. Joe Hospital, EMS, Sheriff’s Office, Police and Fire Departments for the support and encouragement that I have received throughout the past year.  My desire and goal is to continue serving the people of Jessamine County to positively impact the lives of those we come into contact with.  We will continue to make dignity for the deceased and compassion for the bereaved our top priority, while performing our jobs in the most professional manner possible.  While continuing in my responsibilities as Coroner, I plan to continue to work with the community through development and implementation of educational and outreach programs, all aimed at reducing the factors that lead to premature death of our citizens.  In our first year, we accomplished a number of our original goals, while others are more challenging and require more time to accomplish.  In large, most of the individuals and organizations that I have contacted regarding these programs have been extremely helpful and supportive.  Some of our first year accomplishments include:

  • Establishing Coroner’s website
  • A monthly column in the Jessamine Journal
  • Modernized the Coroner’s van with recognizable and appropriate insignias
  • Refurbished the Coroner’s office to increase efficiency and provide a more pleasant environment for decedent’s family
  • Provided professional uniforms uniquely identifying coroner’s personnel
  • Developed informational brochures for decedents’ families
  • Updated to electronic death certificate filing (EDRS) to enhance turn-around time for families to receive official death certificate
  • Presented goals for working within the public school system to school Superintendent
  • Met with school counselors to discuss programs that could be presented to students
  • Became a member of state Child Fatality Review Board
  • Attended multiple coroner educational seminars presented by state
  • Participated in Drug Enforcement Administration program on Prescription Drug Diversion program
  • Became active as a member of Kentucky Coroners’ Association
  • Enhanced office staff with administrative assistant and two coroner assistants (volunteer positions)

While many of our goals have been accomplished in our first year, there remain others that are in development, which include:

  • Development of computerized program for all forms and records including case files
  • Obtain state of the art radios for myself and deputies to have radio contact with other agencies
  • Continue working toward development of relationship with school system to participate in educational forums for students to reduce risks of injury and death
  • Senior Citizen safety and wellness education
  • Organize and implement county Child Fatality Review Team
  • Develop and implement plan for local mass fatality response
  • Become member of state Incident Response Team
  • Provide free ultrasound imaging to pregnant young women

During my campaign, I committed my first year salary for special programs.  While much of the money has been used for these programs as needed, the balance will remain available for those programs which have not yet been completed.   

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