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Prescription Medicine

Prescription  medication  misuse  can  be  a  major  cause  of  death  in  some  individuals,  particularly  the  elderly  and  those  with serious    health  problems  and  risks.   Often,  patients  don't  understand the medications  that  their  medical  provider  has  prescribed  for  them,   including  how  to  take  them  and  how  important  it  is  not  to  discontinue  the  medication  without  first  discussing  it  with their  medical  provider  or  pharmacist.    

  • Always take your medication only as directed on the label.
  • If you forget to take a dose, go ahead and take it as soon as you can, then resume your schedule.
  • Keep your regular daily prescription medications in a medicine box that has clearly labeled days and times.
  • If you leave home for an extended period of time, take your medications with you.
  • Never take more than your prescription instructions indicate. The adage, "If a little is good for you, then more is better", doesn't work with medications.
  • Never take someone else's medication. Likewise, never offer your medicine to anyone else.
  • Discard medication that is out of date, as they generally lose their effectiveness.
  • Always take your medication with you when you visit your medical provider, especially if you are seeing more than one for different problems.
  • Never buy your medications from someone other than a pharmacy. While you may think you can save some money buying someone else's extra medicine, you have no way of knowing exactly what you are getting, and you may get more than you bargained for.




















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