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Organ Donation

Try to imagine the frustration of hoping for a miracle for a child that is in desperate need of a new heart, kidney or liver.  Then imagine having to watch that child slowly fade and eventually die needlessly because that heart, kidney or liver never arrived.

This is the dilemma and pain that thousands of adults and children in our country are living with right now.  While some will eventually receive the organ or tissue they so desperately need, most will not.

Now imagine the unbelievable joy of being told that because of the kindness and love of a complete stranger, your child will receive a new organ to replace his worn out or damaged one, and will probably live a long healthy life.

Obviously, in order for people in need of an organ to receive a new one, there must be someone who is willing to be a donor.  While some organs are transplanted from living donors, the majority of organ transplants rely on the generosity of families who donate the organs of their deceased loved ones.

Most of us at first thought would reject the idea of burying our child or other loved one with some part of their body having been removed.  However, many have come to the realization that after death, the tissue and organs of the body are no longer of any importance to the deceased, but can be life-giving to that person in need of it.

My own personal way of viewing organ or tissue donation, is that good things can happen as a result of a really bad situation.  After experiencing the tremendous grief of losing someone unexpectedly; what could be more joyful than seeing someone else who was doomed to die, be made whole and healthy again.

I try to imagine that donated heart continuing to beat in the body of the grateful recipient as he or she runs and plays again like a normal child.  Without the miracle of transplantation and understanding donors, that heart would never beat again.

What of the eyes that would be forever closed if they did not continue to see through the life of a hopeful recipient.

This same story could be repeated for kidneys, livers, bone, pancreas, lungs and skin. 

The tag line is always the same though.  It can’t happen without the generosity of donors and donor families who are willing to make a very small sacrifice so that someone else can be made healthy and whole.

KODA, or Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates is an organization dedicated to the cause of organ donation through education and enrollment.  The people who make up KODA actually arrange for procurement of donated organs, as well as transportation of the organ to the recipient hospital.

If you have any interest in giving the gift of life, please contact KODA on their website or by phone.  I really believe that you will be glad you did.


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